Our Fees in Respect of Letting Properties

Rental Property Fees
  • Management Fee: 10% + VAT
  • Tenancy Fee: 70% + VAT
  • Processing Fee: £120 + VAT
  • Credit Check Fee: £30 per audit
  • There are NO tenant fees payable
  • Tenants may pay rent by cash or standing order
Default Charges
  • If the Tenant calls out the landlord/agent and/or requests a repair and the visit is found to be unnecessary, then the said visit shall be charged at £20 to the Tenant plus any reasonable call-out charge by the contractor. With the exceptions of emergencies e.g. flooding
  • Pay the Rent to the Landlord at the times and the manner specified and will pay interest at the rate of 1 per centum above current Bank of England rate per annum on any rent in arrears for more than fourteen days calculated from the date upon which such rent was due to be paid to the date upon which it is actually paid.